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I hate packing, so the thought of packing one of the most important bags ever was pretty nerve-racking. Joss always moans that I always pack the wrong things and I am notorious for being a massively inefficient packer. I turned up to our three-week travelling honeymoon with evening dresses, heels and bikinis. He wasn’t very impressed when we landed in our first stop, Hong Kong, and we had to go and buy t-shirts and hoodies because I basically had nothing appropriate to wear.

So this time I was adamant I was going to get it right. I googled the hell out of “what to pack in your hospital bag” and don’t even get me started on how many times I have also packed and re-packed the baby's bag! (Scroll down for that)

But, after re-packing the bag for the third time today, ahead of an induction this week, I thought I would share what is in my bag for any of you fellow panic packers. Also worth noting that as I am booked in for an induction which can take a few days I have packed a few extra bits and bobs that you might not need/want if your bag is only for a spontaneous labour.

Happy packing!

Mama Bag


Yes, I know that some ladies will scoff at my choice of toiletries here, because who has time to be toning and putting an overnight face mask on and some of these are 100% not essentials. But if I don’t use all this then that’s fine, but if I have it there, I want to use it and it makes me feel good then why not!

  • 1x Kiehls travel size ultra facial oil free toner
  • 1x Kiehls travel size hydrating overnight masque (if you ask for a sample they give you a perfect sized tub)
  • 1x Kiehls Creme de Corps whipped butter (for the Mum tum!)
  • 1x Tropics refining mist (cools you down in labour and have heard its fab for restless legs)
  • 1x Neals Yard Mothers Massage Oil
  • 2x Deodorant - spray on and roll on
  • 1x Travel size micellar water
  • Femfresh wipes and shower gel (I figured this would be the kindest on my bits post baby!)
  • 1x Battery powered toothbrush
  • 1x Travel size toothpaste
  • 1x Razor
  • 1x Travel size dry shampoo
  • 1x Travel size perfume
  • 1x Small packet of anti back handwipes
  • 1x Face wipes
  • 1x Double sided cotton pads
  • 2x Flannels (Have heard these are handy to have to cool you during labour also - would highly recommend getting a bamboo one if you can)
  • 1x Towel
  • 1x Essentials make up bag and don't forget the lip balm
  • Don’t forget to also pack any regular medication that you need to take, enough for a few days.

Post Partum


  • 5x Big comfy pants
  • 4x Even bigger comfy pants
  • 2x Nursing bras
  • 1x Sleep nursing bra
  • 3x Pairs of socks
  • 1x Button down PJ’s
  • 2x Button down nighties (you might want a couple so you can birth in one and have one to change into after)
  • 1x Loungewear tracksuit
  • 1x Dressing gown
  • 1x Pair of slippers or flip flops for popping to the bathroom with ease
  • 1x Maternity leggings
  • 2x Nursing vest tops
  • 1x Button down comfy shirt to come home in

I also packed another bag to leave at home that Joss can collect should I have to stay in hospital any longer than expected.


Again, this section won’t apply so much for people not having an induction. But we are having to go in prepared to have some stuff to do to pass the time.

  • 1x Laptop and charger
  • 1x Phone charger
  • 1x Headphones (Also perfect for blocking out sound when hypnobirthing)
  • 1x TENS machine (I borrowed one from a friend but you can buy them or hire them)


If you are anything like me then snacks are a very important section of the packing! Things to keep energy up are essential and also a few feel good treats for you and your birthing partner.

  • 1x Polos
  • 1x Hard boiled sweets (I went for pear drops)
  • Lots of Nakd bars (Blueberry muffin is my choice)
  • A few cereal bars
  • Bananas
  • 2x Lucozade
  • Chocolate (obviously!)
  • Water!!!


Baby Bag


  • 1x Water Wipes
  • 1x Bag of cotton wool
  • 1x Small sudocrem (I also have Tamanu balm at home which I have heard is really good)
  • 1x Pack of newborn nappies (we also have some tiny baby nappies as we are expecting her to be small)


  • 3x Short sleeve bodysuits
  • 3x Sleepsuits
  • 3x Hats (One to wear straight away, have been told this one can get pretty mucky so may want to bin after, one because I like choice and one to go home in)
  • 1x Knitted Cardigan from her Grandma
  • 1x Pramsuit
  • 2x Socks (probably won’t need them, but just in case)


  • 3x Muslins (These from Etta loves are my fave)
  • 1x Cellular blanket (I got this one from My 1st Years)
  • 1x Bib

Ultimately, you need to pack the essentials but also what makes you feel good. You want your time in hospital to feel like a home away from home as much as possible and if that means taking a face mask and your favourite lippie, then why not! You want to go into this experience feeling the most empowered, energetic, happy version of yourself and your body will do the rest.

Mamas, let me know if there is anything you would recommend that you think I have missed.

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