Your wedding: five reasons you should go unplugged

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Before getting married I was as obsessed with taking photos on my iPhone as everyone else. I had attended many a wedding and snapped away as the Bride made her way down the aisle, the Mother of the Groom sobbed and the Bridesmaids threw petals on the floor. Little did I know I was actually ruining their timeless wedding photos.

It wasn’t until I read an article about the importance of going unplugged that I really gave it any thought. I just assumed everyone would be taking photos during my ceremony as they had at every other. It was only when I looked at some photos of a modern day wedding that I realised just what a difference a smartphone can make.

Your wedding photos and your rings are the only things that will last as long as your relationship, and not only should you not scrimp on getting a good photographer, you should do everything in your power to make sure those photos are the best ones you’ll ever have.

So here are five reasons you should think about going unplugged on your wedding day.

1. Smartphones will ruin the great shots your photographer has been paid to take. Trust me there is nothing worse than a sea of phones or even iPads in the back of your favourite wedding shot. If you and your new partner are posing for that timeless snap and behind you it looks like an Apple store, it won’t be the most romantic keepsake.

2. They are distracting. We all have the one friend that just has to post their every move to Snapchat or take selfies at the most inappropriate times. Do you really want your whole ceremony broadcast live on Facebook or worse still one of your close friends taking selfies and posting them to Instagram when she should be watching you get married?

3. It ruins the surprise for your evening guests. Wedding etiquette 101 – don’t share pictures of the Bride & Groom on social media until the evening guests have arrived. You have spent hours and hundreds of pounds getting ready for this moment, do you really want it spoilt by an unflattering photo online?

4. It allows you and your guests to really live in the moment. You only get married once (hopefully) so you want everyone in that room to enjoy the moment as much as you are. If you ban phones then your guests will be more engaged in your actual ceremony and not their newsfeed.

5. If you fall over, pull an ugly crying face, snot or sneeze on your new spouse, or just have a mental breakdown when it comes to the “I do’s”, nobody can catch it on camera. Well maybe the photographer, but you can pay him to delete it.

So when it comes to your big day, tell your guests to show up, switch off and take as many snapshot as they want…with their eyes.

  • Paul Mockford
    15th April 2017

    Loving the blog lady! And agreed…. guests, enjoy the ceremony with your eyes, not through a screen. Be present and aware as your friends make those promises to each other. Don’t worry about the photos, trust me, I got this.
    Rest of the day though? Go crazy! I love to see people enjoying photography.. make those memories. X

  • Gordon tant
    16th April 2017

    Absolutely perfect. Love this post.

  • LizZy leete
    17th April 2017

    Perfectly explained and exactly right!

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