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Dressing for a wedding can be a very stressful task. You don’t ever want to upstage the Bride, but you have to look good in all the photos. Do you go for a hat? A fascinator? A bright colour? A pastel colour? Do you match your partner? How much do you spend on your outfit?

But as stressful as it can be, it is one of my favourite occasions to dress for. I love the glamour of a wedding, the fact that it’s probably one of the only times it’s acceptable to wear a hat or fascinator bigger than your own head and shoes that are so uncomfortable you arrive already hoping the Bride & Groom will be handing out the free flip flops. It is also one of the only times it’s rather acceptable to spend a small fortune on an outfit.

So here are my top tips for dressing for a wedding – without upstaging the Bride.

Don’t wear white

Absolute golden rule of being a wedding guest. Don’t wear white. It is just rude and whether the Bride is traditional or not, she won’t appreciate it – trust me!

Go big or go home

If you are a day guest, now is your chance to make a statement. Go get yourself a huge hat or bright, busy fascinator. They look amazing in real life and in pictures and can be the making of a more simple outfit. Especially if you are on a budget, consider a plainer, less expensive dress and spend more money on the accessories.

Don’t wear the same colour as the Bridal party

Again, a massive no no. If you know the colour in advance then don’t buy a dress in that colour. If you aren’t sure of the colour scheme, the invites usually give it away. Do your research, you don’t want to turn up and be mistaken for a Bridesmaid.

Get your hair done

A big bouncy blow dry or a carefully pinned up do will be the making of any wedding guest outfit. Don’t do what I did and put your hair in cheap rollers hours before the event, try to take them out 30 minutes before, fail, realise your hair is now a tangled mess, be late for the ceremony and arrive with the Bride…

Dress to the dress code

Nothing frustrates me more than people that turn up to a wedding in jeans! Unless the invitation said “casual” then assume all out glam. It is a wedding, not a dinner down the local pub. You want to look as put together as the surroundings, and the Bride & Groom will have likely spent months carefully planning every piece of the day. Don’t ruin it with your casual outfit.

Photo credits to the wonderful Sophie etc – who knows how to pull off a wedding outfit!


Dress – ASOS (similar here) / Bag – H&M / Shoes – Primark / Bouquet – stolen from the Bride!

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