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We all know the frustration, you find the perfect outfit for the weekend online, order your normal size, but when it arrives it doesn’t even get passed your thighs! Nothing worse. But despite this, I do a lot of online shopping and most of the time the high street gets it right. So, I had a request for some advice on where to shop online, which websites I trust and which brands are true to size, hence this blog.

So where do I shop?

As you can tell from my blog and social media pages I am a high street girl and even if I made my millions I am pretty sure I still would be. I love how you can buy most designer styles from the highstreet at such affordable prices and really it doesn’t matter if it only lasts a few months as you only paid £10 for it from Primark. But of course shopping on the highstreet means one very important thing, you can try shit on – although I absolutely hate trying stuff on.

However, we don’t yet have the technology available to successfully do this online. So which brands can you really trust to be true to size? My number one go to for any online purchase is ASOS, without a doubt. I find that ASOS is usually pretty accurate on sizing and I rarely return items from there, but that is not the case for all online purchases.

So, let’s name and shame.

But before we do, we need the simple facts.

  • I am 5ft 7 and a size 10/12 – a 10 when I haven’t had a bad food week
  • I am busty I am supposed to wear a 32G although I don’t own one bra in that size as I begrudge spending £50 on a boob hammock 
  • I hold nearly all of my weight on my stomach area.
  • My legs are pretty skinny
  • I have absolutely nothing in the Kardashian departmentthe butt! 

So, as you can imagine, shopping online can be a little bit of a gamble. But here is my verdict.


Well, we already know how publicly shamed H&M have been for their sizing recently and I must admit I usually buy a size bigger than I usually am just to make sure they can accommodate the bosoms. But jeans and trousers are an absolute no go in H&M. When I was a size 8, I couldn’t even fit in a size 14 pair of jeans in H&M and I have never trusted them since.

However, recently I have purchased some crackers from their website, all in the form of tops and dresses I must add, but sizing has been pretty good. Another handy thing about H&M is that they actually offer “buy now, pay later” so you can order your items, try them and return them before you even have to cough up the cash. Be warned though, if you buy online through this option you can’t return to store, you can only exchange, if you want to credit the items back to your account you have to send them directly back to the warehouse.

And a recent revelation, H&M have finally upped their game when it comes to delivery, they used to distribute all orders from their European warehouse which meant it could take up to two weeks to get your order, but now they are usually on the doorstep within a few days.

Sizing ★★★☆☆

Pricing ★★★★☆

Delivery ★★★☆☆


I can honestly say I rarely return an item to ASOS because it doesn’t fit. And even though they sell multiple brands they obviously do a good job of making sure each item is true to size. They also have a handy little sidebar on some items that logs what you usually buy, what you have returned as “didn’t fit me” and they suggest the size they would recommend for you.

Their delivery is fabulous and their yearly next day delivery is 100% worth the money. It will cost you £9.95 for a whole year and if you shop on ASOS as much as I do, their point dashboard means you can win a year’s free next day delivery at VIP level too.

And the best thing that I find about ASOS is that it caters for all shapes and sizes, they have a plus, petite, tall, maternity and even fuller bust range. I have bought swimwear from the fuller bust range and would highly recommend it for those, like me, who have larger than average lady lumps. Although be warned, my sister in law, Poppy Spinksa fabulous lingerie and swimwear designer – informed me that the quality of the bigger busted swimwear is not actually that great and to instead shop somewhere like Seafolly, which I have yet to try.

Sizing ★★★★★

Pricing ★★★★☆

Delivery ★★★★★

Dirty Little Style Bitch (DLSB)

I am a big fan of supporting pure play retailers and those trying to make their mark through selling on social media. So I had been following DLSB on Facebook for an age and when I finally decided to buy from them I wasn’t disappointed. I even blogged and bragged about it in another post, so you can have a look at the quality and fit of the dress here.

They do a bunch of super cute items, all of which are well priced and are modelled on normal girls. Delivery was pretty quick and I would definitely buy from there again.

Sizing ★★★★☆

Pricing ★★★★☆

Delivery ★★★☆☆


I LOVE Zara but their sizing can be super hit and miss. In the last 3 months I have purchased items that range from XS to L – I haven’t lost or gained a ton of weight – and similar to H&M I don’t believe you can trust the trouser sizing. I recently tried on a pair of L trousers from there and I couldn’t even do up the zip, the crotch area was far from flattering and to top it off, the trousers were see through! Safe to say they didn’t make it to the till.

Also, I don’t know if anyone else has this frustration with Zara, but why is it that 70% of their shop is affordably priced and the other 30% – mostly the handbags – are extortionate? I think it’s their pricing structure that needs a tweak, not necessarily their sizing.

But overall I do find a lot of great buys in Zara, mostly dresses, which are pretty true to size and tops can be ok, dependent on the cut. However, I would say Zara is a definite visit the store and try on, rather than risk the frustrations of online purchasing.

Sizing ★★☆☆☆

Pricing ★★★★☆

Delivery ★★★☆☆


I used to shop on Missguided a lot when they first launched – and back when I was a lot thinner – but now I tend to shop there less. However, I do think the sizing is always pretty true. The quality can be hit and miss but most of the items you order will fit.

However, don’t be deceived by the low cut tops and dresses on seemingly busty models, there must be a HUGE amount of tit tape involved as I can honestly say my boobs look like nothing other than two very flat melons in those type of outfits. But, I once bought a dress from Missguided that was cut down to my belly, it looked absolutely horrendous, so I whipped it round and wore it as a backless dress, I loved it! So there is a handy tip for you busty ladies.

Delivery wise, they always have lots of deals on delivery which means you can mostly get your orders next day for little or no money. However, beware, they use Yodel!

Sizing ★★★☆☆

Pricing ★★★★☆

Delivery ★★★★☆

So that’s it folks, my tips and tricks to the online brands I shop. I would also love to know which brands you recommend for online shopping? I am always up for trying new retailers.


Top – H&M / Bag – H&M / Jeans – Topshop / Shoes – eBay / Sunglasses – Primark

Photo creds go to the fabulous Sophie etc and her delicious 45mm lens

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