Ten things I am looking forward to this winter

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I am a November baby who adores Christmas and all things Winter, so it is no surprise that the run-up to the end of the year is my absolute favourite time. Last year I was in full wedding planning mode as the big day drew ever nearer, but this year I have some more time to enjoy some very exciting plans. So I thought I would share with you all the things I am most looking forward to this Winter.


Any excuse to dress up or dig out my face paints and I am there, so when I found out my street does Halloween in a big way I was super excited. Last year was my first experience and I was overwhelmed by the effort some houses went to – someone even had a smoke machine! – so even though I made a considerable amount of effort, I feel like I need to up my game this year.

I also found some super cute white pumpkins in a little florist in Buckingham that I can’t wait to decorate, so watch this space for a DIY post on how to create the best sparkly pumpkins.

My Birthday Brunch at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

I love Birthdays, whether it’s my Birthday or someone else’s, I thrive on planning them. This year however, I lost the absolute plot after a busy few weeks with work and so much emotional stress in my life that I flipped my lid and decided I was going to cancel my birthday plans. However, the day was saved when my friends witnessed said breakdown and managed to get all nine of my favourite ladies into a bottomless brunch at the beautiful Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings. I cannot wait – apologies in advance for the Instagram overload.

Fireworks night

As my birthday is so close to Bonfire night we always used to have fireworks on my birthday. My poor Dad would have to stay outside in the cold lighting them all whilst I watched from my Mum and Dad’s window – I loved the fireworks but hated the noise – in a sort of adrenaline awe. Ever since then I have tried to make it to a display every year and I am lucky enough to live in Milton Keynes who have a council that put on a wonderful free display every year. If you haven’t been before then you totally should, it is so nice to get wrapped up warm and watch the colourful lights fill the night sky.

Surprise Trip with my parents

In true Gemma style I am carrying on my birthday celebrations for at least two weeks. The 4th part of my birthday will be a surprise trip with my Mum and Dad. I can’t tell you much else I am afraid as I am sure they read all my blog posts intently – of course – and they have absolutely no idea where we are going. But I will be sure to post a travel blog after the event, so stay tuned.

Woburn Sands Christmas Fayre

As part of me trying to fill every waking hour of my life with something to do, I was roped into handling the publicity for my local village Christmas Fayre. I do love Christmas so it is kind of a match made in heaven, but let’s not speak too soon as they might not have me back next year…

The fayre this year is on the 26th November and takes over most of Woburn Sands High Street, so if you are local to the area and looking for some festive food and fun, come and join us.

My Winter Wardrobe

Apart from Christmas, what is the best thing about Winter? Boots and coats of course! I love my Winter wardrobe more than any other seasonal attire. Layering is my favourite and I have a dedicated wardrobe for coats – no joke! I have bought a few pieces already this winter – mainly faux fur jackets – but I am hoping to bag a couple of statement pieces too. A good pair of leather ankle boots and a cashmere jumper are top of the list, so any recommendations would be very welcome.

Getting a new car

For those of you that know me a little better than others will know that I am a MINI owner. I love my Paceman – affectionately called the ‘Tank’ by my Husband who doesn’t love it quite as much – but I was feeling like I wanted something a little more grown up. So in November I will be the proud owner of a black on black Range Rover Evoque. So excited!!! *squeals*  and the car still needs a name, so drop your suggestions below.

Neo PR trip to New York

Aside from Spinkdot I am actually a Director at a local PR agency called Neo PR who treat us to the most amazing Christmas parties you will ever hear of. So in true Neo PR form, 2017 was no different. This year we are going to New York!! Can you believe it, New York for a Christmas party – yes I keep pinching myself – and I have been in charge of the itinerary. Let the Christmas tree tours commence.

My 1st Wedding Anniversary

So just in case I haven’t mentioned it like 1,000,000 times before, I actually got married last year. The 22nd December marks the day I married my best friend, so of course, we will be celebrating in style at The Crazy Bear. I can’t wait. I have booked a Junior Suite and the offer comes complete with a Thai meal on the evening of your stay – result – so I am very excited for that little treat.

Hosting my first Christmas

Now, this is what you call being an adult, hosting your first Christmas. Who am I kidding, this is my dream! I am already thinking about how I am going to decorate the table, how I will do the name places, the extra little treats on the table, the amount of glitter that is deemed acceptable to put near a Turkey and how much Prosecco I am going to need to buy. I am also very lucky that I don’t need to worry about the actual cooking as Mr Spinkdot is an absolute whizz in that area. Roll on the 25th December!

What are you looking forward to this Winter?

  • Erin Cotter
    29th November 2017

    Sounds like you have an amazing winter planned!!! I love picking out all my winter clothes too! I have no clue what you should name your new car, what about the Beast? Or Black beauty? Hehe, I dunno. Have a great winter. Love your blog!

    • Gemma Spinks
      Erin Cotter
      4th December 2017

      I love winter, can’t believe its nearly Christmas already!! Hope you have a good one planned.

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