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Remember when you were a child and you would desperately want to get yourself dressed, just so you could wear your wellies, a pink tutu, stripey tights and a sparkly bomber jacket. And how cool did you feel when your Mum let you do it. Super cool.

Why is it when we get to adulthood we lose all that excitement for clothes that we know will make people stare? I am so guilty of this. I used to wear so much colour, try any trend I fancied and just spend my life rejuvenating my wardrobe with Primark bargains. I have been ‘Vintage’, ‘Skater Girl’, ‘Hippy Chic’, ‘Kat Slater’ - this is when my obsession with leopard print got out of hand - and ‘Kardashian Wannabe’ - ok, maybe that one is still clinging on. But what I have realised is that at some point during my mid-twenties I started to get boring.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” 
Lauren Hutton



Most of my wardrobe is black or white - with a bit of sparkle and lots of fluff - and today I tend to wear most things that will cover the result of my love for food. So when it comes to trying new trends, I am not that great. I screenshot tons of bloggers, put loads of items in my online baskets but I never actually go through with anything that is remotely out of my comfort zone.

So when I saw these tailored joggers in Zara I thought, fuck it I am going to try this ‘Athleisure’ trend I have been admiring for months. I would usually pair something like those trousers with a tight top, cropped jumper, or flowy shirt and heels, but actually I thought nope I am going to full-on embrace this new trend and go all out ‘leisure’ - cue this fabulous thick knit jumper from Tobi and my jeweled pumps from New Look - ok, so there is a still a bit of classic Gemma in there with the sparkle. And do you know what, I loved the look.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” 

Rachel Zoe


So girls, the little lesson I learnt was to try something if you want to try it and don’t give a damn. Who cares if it doesn’t ‘suit your figure’ or ‘match your look’ - if you like it buy it, if it’s comfy wear it, and if you want to try something new just go ahead and do it.


Do you have any new trends you want to try?


Jumper – Tobi / Trousers – Zara / Shoes – New Look  / Bag – River Island (similar here)

Photos by the wonderful Sophie etc 

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