Saying Goodbye To The Bob

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My Dad always said “girls should have long hair” so that was instilled in me from a very young age. I think that’s why I have always had my hair long, even super long sometimes with the help of a weave. With this in mind, it seemed a no brainer that I would grow my hair even longer for my wedding, so I did. I grew it long and luscious and was able to pull off a lovely hair do on the day with the help of Paolina’s MK.

But after the wedding excitement and the honeymoon I was on a serious downer, so I decided to go for the chop and the bob had gotten a little shorter every month since. Until this month that is.

I have decided to have an Autumn/Winter shake up and get my weave back – woohoo. I had my first weave when I was about 20 and I have loved them ever since. I feel completely and utterly myself with long tresses and a bouncy blow dry and I really have missed it over the last few months.


Skirt – H&M (similar here) / Top – H&M   / Shoes – Converse  / Bag – bought in Ibiza

But why do I choose a weave over other extensions?

When I was younger I had some bonded extensions put in and they were a nightmare! My hair got matted and the extensions were not good quality. Not to mention the fact that my 11-year-old sister kindly gave me NITS! Bloody nightmare. My poor Mum had to get some white spirit and a pair of pliers and remove the bonds one by one, I was screaming and she was not impressed. I still have scars – mentally and physically haha!

I have also had friends who have had micro loops and nano rings, but I just don’t think they are for me. My hair is pretty thick and the majority of times I have had extensions I have had a naturally short bob. So sometimes the shorter hair can be way more obvious and show through the extensions.

But a weave always seemed like a good option. The hairdresser plaits your own hair and then they sow on the weft so there is no damage to your real hair, in fact, it actually helps to keep it in good condition as it has no exposure to straighteners, products, sun, sea or rain. You can choose to have a full head (which is what I had, recommended for shorter hair) or you can have rows – this is where your own hair is out in between the plaits (recommended for longer hair, looking to add thickness.) But I am no expert, so well worth speaking to a hairdresser that can give you the best options for your hair.

But in short, I love them and they make me feel fabulous. So if you are thinking about changing your hair up, maybe give it a go.

Some recommendations for ladies who do great weaves in Milton Keynes

The Dollshouse

I have had my weave done here by owner Rochelle multiple times.


I have had my weave done by Zoe twice now (She did the most current).

Hair by Fern 

Fern does LA weave, I haven’t had a weave from her but have had my hair dyed/cut by her multiple times.


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