Top tips for a great summer road trip

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Everyone loves a road trip, right? Blasting the old school tunes, packing the car full of bags - as if you are anything like me, they never all fit in the boot - and the biggest array of car snacks you have ever seen. This year I have been super lucky and been on lots of summer road trips, girl trips, family trips, work trips that saw me take in the sigh[...]

Planning a wedding on a budget

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If you are planning a wedding you will know that it is a daunting, stressful and exciting time. So when you have all the planning and a strict budget to manage, it can be even harder. But, don’t panic. There are so many ways you can save money on your big day, and it doesn’t mean your wedding is going to be any less amazing if your budget isn’t qui[...]

Sightseeing in Siem Reap

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One of the highlights of my honeymoon Asia trip was absolutely Siem Reap in Cambodia. Not only was it glorious sunshine and 30 degree heat the entire time, it was absolutely stunning and the sheer mass of it blew me away. But before I go on to tell you all about the amazing temples we visited, I have to pop in a shout out to the hotel we stayed in. It[...]

The perfect fit

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We all know the frustration, you find the perfect outfit for the weekend online, order your normal size, but when it arrives it doesn’t even get passed your thighs! Nothing worse. But despite this, I do a lot of online shopping and most of the time the high street gets it right. So, I had a request for some advice on where to shop online, which websites I[...]

Spinkdot’s guide to wedding planning bliss

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I hate to say it but that delightful engagement bubble you will currently be in will be very quickly burst once you get to the nitty gritty and - everyone's dreaded bit - the budget! But don’t let this put you off. I promise I can help make your wedding planning fun. I loved every single second of the process and yes it was stressful, yes we had fall ou[...]

My favourite summer dress

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  Each year I always seem to have a go to dress that is just pretty, comfy, versatile and all things lovely. This year it’s this flowy, embroidered - of course - number from Brand Attic. Apart from being super pretty and girly, I love the fact that it is such a nice, comfy material. It is the kind of dress you can 100% wear to a BBQ, when you k[...]

Catching up with Bloom Room Flowers

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One of the biggest shock moments of my wedding planning was the cost of flowers. I knew flowers were beautiful and often expensive but I honestly had no clue just how big a chunk of my budget the flowers would take up. So what can you do to keep the costs down? We actually opted for part real flowers, part artificial flowers and the artificial garlan[...]

Summer must haves

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So now the sun has finally reared its head, I can't help but think it is time to inject some life into my summer wardrobe. Assuming you are feeling the same? With this new found desire to shop - new found my arse - I have spent my Friday evening trawling the internet for my favourite must have summer buys from all my go to highstreet stores. Check the[...]

Wining and dining at The Wilderness

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As part of my wedding gift to my Husband Joss, I bought us one thing to do every month of our first year of married life. And as we both love food, most of them involved eating. But I was looking forward to May particularly as we were heading to Birmingham to eat at The Wilderness after a raving review from Sophie etc. After a mad dash to the station due[...]

Bardots behaving badly

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So I had so much fun taking these shots with Sophie etc - we literally could not stop laughing when my outfit would not behave and just kept blowing up and flashing my very unflattering bra to the neighbours. I purchased this top in a bit of a haul from ASOS, and in typical ASOS fashion I never expected to like everything and I did. So even though my[...]

Lunching at Le Manoir

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So, I love food and not in a “yeah I like food” kinda way, I mean I really LOVE food. So when I recently celebrated five years at Neo PR, a food related gift was an obvious choice. However, I did not expect such a generous voucher for Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons in Oxfordshire. I nearly squealed with excitement, in actual fact I did kiss my MD I was so ha[...]

Hippy Hippy Chic

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Since my embroidery post I have started up quite a little obsession with embroidered numbers so when I saw this dress pop up on DLSB I had to buy it. Looking back on the pics I think I should have teamed it with a belt but hindsight is a wonderful thing. As I am still finding my blogger feet I enlisted the help of the super sassy Sophie etc to hel[...]

Wedding themes: I do or I don’t?

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  To theme or not to theme? That is a question you may start to ask yourself when planning your wedding. Yes, we all know themes can seem tacky sometimes and if not executed correctly can leave your wedding talked about for all the wrong reasons. But when it comes to tying everything together on the day, a theme can make all the difference. I[...]

Why rock band chic is rocking my world

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  Ok, so I won’t lie I thought Led Zeppelin was a person until my Husband quite literally laughed out loud in my face, but none of that mattered when I decided to embrace the whole rock chic look that I had seen all over Instagram. So I went out and invested in not one but two rock band esk items to get me started and I am not ashamed to ad[...]

Embracing the embroidery trend

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I have always been a girly girl and a sucker for anything pretty, so the embroidery trend is right up my street. And I don’t think I am the only one buying into embroidery this Spring as the highstreet is full of it at the moment. I have indulged in a few pieces this season from Primark, New Look and H&M, but my favourite has to be this stunning to[...]

Vietnam: a hidden gem

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For those of you getting married or those already married you will know that picking a honeymoon destination can be one of the most difficult parts of the planning. So when it came to picking ours we spent hours googling ideas, destinations and boutique hotels. We only had a few key criteria - somewhere neither of us had been before, somewhere we cou[...]

Your wedding: five reasons you should go unplugged

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Before getting married I was as obsessed with taking photos on my iPhone as everyone else. I had attended many a wedding and snapped away as the Bride made her way down the aisle, the Mother of the Groom sobbed and the Bridesmaids threw petals on the floor. Little did I know I was actually ruining their timeless wedding photos. It wasn’t until I read a[...]