On being proud to be proud

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As the year draws to a close and a new one is just around the corner, everyone starts to reflect on what they have achieved, what they could have done better, what they would like to change. But why?

Why does a new year always have to come with a new you? What was wrong with the old you? Don’t get me wrong everyone has a few things I am sure they would love to amend; lose a few pounds, earn a little more, learn a new language, spend more time in the gym or with friends; but when do we ever take a seat and think, do you know what, I have done pretty well for myself this year and actually I am really proud of that? Not very often.

“Be proud of how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go.”

We are spending New Years Eve in Cornwall with friends and on the way down we started talking about New Year’s Resolutions and about being shy about being happy. It got me thinking about how we all do it, shy away from shouting our achievements, and actually we shouldn’t.

How often if asked how was your day do you say ‘It was alright’, or when asked about work or your hobby do you just reply with ‘Yeah it’s fine’? I know I do. Was your day really just ‘alright’ or is work just ‘fine’ – probably not. You might have had a great day, some amazing recognition at work or just generally feel really really happy about life, but you would never say that to someone because we are embarrassed about looking smug, and that’s such a shame.

I am so guilty of this and I realised it most when people asked how our first year of marriage was, I would answer “We survived” or “I haven’t killed him yet” when in actual fact my first year of marriage has been bliss. I love him even more than I did on our wedding day, I am proud of all of his and our achievements this year and we are planning a wonderful future. So why didn’t I say that?

“Own who you are.”

So this year I am going to make a conscious effort – it isn’t a resolution, more of a lifestyle change – to be proud of being proud. Proud of myself, of my family, my friends and my Husband. If I think I am awesome or you are awesome I should bloody well say it and so should you.

Ring in the new year not weighed down by all the things you want to change, but uplifted by all the things you have achieved so far. Resolutions have a place in everybody’s lives, but they don’t mean we have to forget all the wonderful things that we don’t want to change.

Happy New Year you lovely lot, let’s make it a great one.


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