Making your own wedding rings: memories that last a lifetime

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When it comes to jewellery, everyone’s personal taste is just that, personal. So you might find that picking your wedding ring ends up being the most difficult job of all. You might not know what you like, how much you should spend, what suits you or what will stand the test of time, so you could just end up with a generic off the shelf ring that isn’t very you at all.

What if you could design your own ring?

Better still, what if you could be part of the actual ring making process?

At The Goldsmithy in Stony Stratford this is absolutely a possibility and I was swept away by the charm of it all when I attended a workshop as part of a MK Blogger Network event in March.

The Goldsmithy is a family run business nestled away in Odell’s Yard just off the Stony Stratford High Street and it’s such a little treasure trove. The team consists of Glenn, a Cartier trained Goldsmith, his son Paul who is currently Glenn’s apprentice and Glenn’s wife who keeps the boys in check. You could tell as soon as we watched them work and they started explaining each stage of the jewellery making process, how passionate they were about their craft and ensuring anyone who buys from them leaves with a lovingly crafted piece of bespoke jewellery that will last a lifetime. So what better way to purchase some wedding rings.

Joss and I opted to get our wedding rings made and I am really glad we did as I now know that they are personal and unique to us. However, we weren’t able to be part of the physical process of making the rings and had I known about The Goldsmithy then that might have been different. The team at The Goldsmithy allow you to come into the workshop and get your hands dirty. You and your partner can come and join Glenn and Paul and be as involved as you like when it comes to making your rings, you could even swap and take part in making your partner’s ring if you wish. And I was really blown away by how lovely an idea that was, as those are the kind of memories that really will last as long as your marriage.

As part of the workshop we helped Paul take a piece of metal from a circular ring with very little detail, to a ready to wear, shiny wedding ring and it was tougher than you would imagine. All the filing, hammering and polishing and that’s before you have even thought about adding any bespoke designs of personal engraving. It makes you really wonder how certain high street jewellers can sell items for such low prices - surely they don’t last five minutes?


So, the moral of the story is if you are looking for a fun, personal way to choose your wedding rings then get in touch with Glenn and Paul and they can help you create something that will last as long as the memories.

I also have to give a big shout out to Cameron’s Kitchen who supplied the brunch on the day, it was absolutely delicious. I have been meaning to visit the restaurant for ages but really need to get round to it.  

And if you are looking for any other local bloggers to follow here are all the lovely ladies that attended the same workshop.


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