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One of my favourite things about wedding flowers is the romance they can bring to a wedding. And it really doesn’t matter what kind of wedding you choose to have, your flowers can take it from basic to brilliant so very simply.

As wedding trends come and go it is important for Brides to understand what floral trends will make an appearance during 2018. But above all, remember to be individual and channel your’s and your partner’s personality through your flowers. I am a going to be a Bridesmaid twice this year and both Brides have absolutely picked flowers that are not only stunning but also reflect them so well and I think that is essential.

I was lucky enough to grab one of their florists, The Flower Boutique in Woburn Sands to talk wedding trends and flowers for 2018. We also made a Spinkdot wedding bouquet which was so much fun (but bloody hard) and it has brightened up my dining room ever since. I had never even given a second thought to how hard it would be to create all the stunning arrangements florists come up with for weddings and the pressure that is put on them by Brides.

But after Kimberley guided me through a very cack-handed attempt of making my own bouquet I had a new found respect for all you fabulous florists out there. Ladies and Gents, you rock.

So let’s talk trends.

Firstly, my favourite, and the one I chose to channel with my bouquet, the Ultra Violet.

The Ultra Violet

This stunning trend is all about the purple hues and grabbing attention. The mix of flowers and violet based colours makes for an absolutely stand out array of feminine flowers. I think this combination would look absolutely incredible at an Autumnal wedding. The purple combined with the greens, deep oranges and red of the season would look out of this world.

The Succulent

Now I love this one, I think it’s one of the cutest wedding trends I have seen. This trend is all about embracing the unusual flowers and succulents to make a completely unique looking feel for a wedding. I also love that it adds a different dimension and layer to a traditional flower arrangement as succulents tend to have different textures and colours to other floral choices. Another great idea for adding succulents to your wedding is to think about giving them as wedding favours.

The Flower Wall

This is a trend that we will see spill over from 2017. Whilst the flower wall got it’s name for being the perfect backdrop for a baby shower photo, I think a flower wall in your wedding colours can absolutely elevate a wedding to the next level. They are dramatic and they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but done right they are absolutely stunning. I have also seen a lot of florists playing around with a floral circle, big enough to act as a ceremony backdrop or frame for a photo booth. Absolutely stunning, but this type of arrangement won’t be for those trying to stick to a tight budget. Unfortunately beauty comes with a price in this case.


We all know the trend has been to combine whites, marbles and metallics but we haven’t seen this fall into a wedding environment until now. This year we will see more and more Brides think of ways to add metallics into their flower arrangements, whether it’s spraying the flowers or adding wirework and accessories to bouquets and table arrangements, this fashion forward trend is one we will see popping up throughout 2018.

The Indoor Garden

Wisteria and hanging plants are set to have a big impact on the more luxurious weddings this year. The idea of recreating an indoor garden is one that I think most Brides dream about, but little can afford - unless you are Lydia and Ali Millen-Gordon who absolutely nailed in on the indoor garden front with their stunning flowers. But this year we will see those Brides with a big budget take this to the next level. From tables draped in Wisteria to orangeries with Ivy climbing the walls; this natural, but beautiful look will add a bit of romantic drama to any wedding setting. And if you are looking for some inspiration, go and check out Wild at Heart’s display at the Wedding Gallery in London. Just stunning.

 Do you have your wedding flowers sorted?

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