Early morning yoga at the sky garden

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It isn’t every day you have to get up at 6:15 to do Yoga 35 floors up, but last Saturday that was exactly what I did. I visited a friend in London and as she has only recently embraced London life she is still full of great London bucket list ideas. So she booked us a table at Dalloway Terrace for dinner – which was beautiful – on Friday night and dragged us up the the Sky Garden on Saturday.

The Yoga

I am very much a Yoga beginner, I think I have done it maybe three times before, and boy did that show. I am also not the most flexible, nor the fittest or toned at the moment, which is not ideal, but it was fun. My wrists didn’t enjoy the Yoga quite as much as my mind did, as I struggled to hold up my not so toned torso, but we got there in the end. Now don’t get me wrong, if you are a yoga bunny – and the lady behind me was, she had buns of steel and could do headstands, knee stands and contour her body into shapes I didn’t even know were possible, all without a Yoga mat to aid her, I shit you not – then you would have loved the session. Plus, the instructor was actually very very good, chilled, informative, non-judgmental and she knew her stuff.

But for me, a beginner, the first thirty minutes were fast and pretty grueling. I went from downward dog to baby cobra to warrior one to a plank and back to downward dog all within four breaths, when all I really wanted to do was retreat into child’s pose. But jokes aside, the second thirty minutes was exactly what I wanted from Yoga – chilled, calming, and allowed me to completely de-stress. The location was insanely beautiful for a Yoga class and being able to lay down on the cool floor surrounded by greenery and floor to ceiling windows was really relaxing. We laid for ten minutes at the end just watching the clouds through the glass roof of the sky garden, which set me up for a fabulous weekend.

The Brunch

As part of our ticket, we had a brunch included after the class and it was fabulous. It rounded off the class nicely and they had a huge amount of healthy options on offer, as well as some cheeky pastries. I was also a huge fan of the super instagrammable cups they provided which summed up the morning  – “Happiness is a hot drink and this view”

If you fancy it then you can book it here.

  • Erin Cotter
    29th November 2017

    Wow that looks amazing! Wish I could join this class one day. I love yoga and coffee and crossiants. This looks puurrrfect!

    • Gemma Spinks
      Erin Cotter
      4th December 2017

      It really was fun actually. I am not the best morning person, but the view made it worth it.x

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