About me

I am Gemma, a newlywed oniomaniac with a lusting for sparkly items and memory making trips. I love to shop (a lot), eat (too much) and travel (when I can).

You’ll find that I am a Tech PR Director on LinkedIn, but a wannabe blogger on Instagram. I can’t stand people who click their bones for fun, I have an unhealthy obsession with olives and I spend most of my days convincing my Husband that I need a bigger wardrobe and more dogs. 

Want to know any more then get in touch.

About Spinkdot

The blog was born in 2017 and is a real reflection of all the things I love about life. Anyone who knows me will know that I never turn down a good bargain or a new lippy, I love exploring new places and trying new foods, I recently got married and got slightly obsessed with the planning and I wear too much fake tan.

So with all of this in mind it made sense to stop boring my friends and family with ramblings of which countries they should visit and when, or how best to draw on their eyebrows and instead do something more productive.

On the blog you will find affordable fashion, tricks and tips on how to hack life, hidden travel gems, plenty of food and all the best bits of wedding advice I can muster.