A letter to our one year old

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We made it; you, me and Daddy. One whole year of being a team, three peas in a pod, plus a very jealous dog. There were some days I could have thrown in the towel, but then you smiled and reminded us how fantastic this new normal was. 

You have taught me so much this past year and even before, when you were just a bump, and I can safely say that you are my biggest achievement yet. Watching you grow, learn and experience the world and all its wonders through brand new eyes has been something I never had imagined to be so wonderful. It has given me a new perspective on life and how not to take for granted the things you see as so magical and I see as the norm. 

Being able to move, smile, laugh and cuddle. I never appreciated those things until I watched you experience them for the very first time. New foods, smells and colours, all so magical to you and yet taken for granted by me every day. There is a new wonder to the world now I am your Mummy and that’s something I will be eternally grateful for. 

The day you came into our lives I knew we would be best friends and that we were all on this journey together. Neither one of us knew what to expect or where to begin, but we felt so much love and so we have been able to muddle through together. The breast milk in your eye, the nappy explosions and the 5am playtimes that only we got to share, those are the moments that really bonded us. Those are the moments that I will cherish. 

Now you are one and you can laugh, smile, move around, point at everything and you are growing into your own little personality. You have made the world a better place for all that know you, you love your Daddy immensely, which makes me love him even more, and you like to share all your snacks with the dog. You truly are a wonderful little person and I can’t wait to watch you grow some more. As I put you down to bed this evening I thought back to this time last year, Daddy and I’s last date night, no idea how our lives were about to change and boy did they change. I feel sad that this past year has flown by and in two short weeks our time together with almost half as I return back to work and re-visit some of my life pre Pepper, but I am excited for all the future chapters we have to share as our team grows. 

Thank you for letting me make mistakes without judgement and for loving me even when I didn’t love myself. For smiling at me when I was so ready to give up and giving me a reason to get out of bed when I was so tired I could barely move. Thank you for letting me experience the magic that comes with breastfeeding and all the moments we shared on that very special journey and thank you for helping me find out who I really am. I think being your Mummy has made me accept myself more than I thought possible and that’s pretty amazing. 

I won’t thank you however for the haemorrhoids, lack of pelvic floor, mum tum and added wrinkles. But hey, nobody told us motherhood was going to be a ride in the park. It’s been hard work, tedious and lonely at times, but it’s a job I am forever grateful to have been given. So thanks for the promotion P, I think I have done pretty well with your on the job training. We make a good team. 

So as you lay asleep tonight little one and you drift into your first birthday, remember this is just the start of your journey. Many more birthdays to come, many more memories to be made and Daddy and I want to thank you for choosing us to ride along with you. 

All my love, forever and always, 

Your Mummy



  • Helen
    12th February 2020

    That was beautifully said Gemma it made me cry. She is the perfect granddaughter and so precious to us. I can’t believe She is one tomorrow, Happy Birthday P. We love you so much can’t wait to celebrate with you. Xx

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