Travel Guide: Californian Road Trip

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Last year we headed to California to watch the Rugby 7s world cup and as neither of us had visited parts of California before we decided to tag on a bit of a whistle stop road trip to the back of the holiday. We flew to San Francisco to watch the Rugby and do all the touristy things we could cram into a few days, we then drove down to Monterey Bay, visi[...]

Our Birth Story

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Before getting pregnant I had heard plenty of stories from friends and family about birth and the wonderful or not so wonderful arrival of their children. But nothing really prepares you for your own story and how it all plays out. Our story is more medicalised than some as I was classed as a high-risk pregnancy due to some existing blood pressure co[...]

What’s in my hospital bag

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I hate packing, so the thought of packing one of the most important bags ever was pretty nerve-racking. Joss always moans that I always pack the wrong things and I am notorious for being a massively inefficient packer. I turned up to our three-week travelling honeymoon with evening dresses, heels and bikinis. He wasn’t very impressed when we landed[...]

The second trimester: an honest review

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So if you read my blog about the first trimester then you’ll be pleased to know that things got a lot better. So much so I am naming this trimester the ‘magical’ one. Whilst the first trimester was full of nausea (this did carry on into the second trimester but we won’t dwell on it), strange changes to the body and hormone imbalances; this one ha[...]

Hypnobirthing diary: week three

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As the end of our course emerged we spent some time recapping what we had already been through in the other two weeks, whilst also solidifying some of the preferences. This week we talked some more about what we think our preferences might look like, Joss’ super important role on the day and also, the all important pelvic floor. Here is my diary for[...]

Hypnobirthing Diary: Week Two

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  So, I went back for more and I am glad we are getting something from it. This week was all about birth preferences, letting the midwives know your dreams and desires (there are way more than I thought!) and what role the birth partner can play on the big day. Talking of midwives, I am super lucky as my community midwife is a huge advocate of[...]

Hypnobirthing diary: Week One

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Whatever type of birth you are opting for, you want it to be calm, positive and safe, right? That’s why I decided to enroll myself and Joss on a hypnobirthing course. Now, we all know that baby has to arrive. We have all heard the stories, watched one born every minute and closed our legs a little tighter when we think about that head crowning. A[...]

An honest review: the first trimester

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So now I am feeling a little more like a human (whilst growing a human) I feel like it’s time to get my blogging mojo back. I have been really struggling over the Summer to get motivation for anything, let alone trying to keep up with the blogosphere. But now we are into my favourite time of year and I am getting back into the swing of normal life, I t[...]